Hi this is Josh. Most of my accounts are listed below. I typically go by the alias The Ur-Vile or Low Pursuit. Peace.

***** Updated 3.28.21 *******

 A lot of these accounts I’m not very active on. Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, The Shizz, and YouTube are your best bets

Added a section at the end with various  referral codes if you want to help me out :)


AVPGalaxy.net forums - urvile


Bandcamp - LowPursuit


Blogger - http://lowpursuit.blogspot.com


Craigslist handle -  LowPursuit


Discogs.com - LowPursuit 


Discord - LowPursuit#0915


Disqus (used by various sites) - @LowPursuit


Double Dragon Dojo [ http://doubledragon.kontek.net ] - urvile


Epic Games - Low Pursuit


Facebook - jseugene102


Fandom.com - LowPursuit


Gamefaqs.com - urvile102 


Game Informer - urvile102


Gfycat - LowPursuit


Gifyu.com - LowPursuit 


Giphy - Low Pursuit (https://giphy.com/channel/LowPursuit)


GOG.com - LowPursuit


hyperspin-fe.com -  LowPursuit 


ICQ - 27281597


ImgFlip  - SuperLowPursuit 


Imgur.com  -  http://joshstaley102.imgur.com


Instagram - lowpursuit


itch.io - lowpursuit.itch.io


KHInsider.com - ur-vile


Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] - HileTroy


Kinja sites (Kotaku, etc) - jstaley.kinja.com 


Last.fm - jstaley102 (Super Low Pursuit)


Medium - Low Pursuit (@LowPursuit)


Neoseeker -  LowPursuit


Nintendo Network ID: LowPursuit


Photobucket.com  - urvile102


Prince.org - urvile


PSN - The_Ur-Vile 


Rainwave.cc - urvile


Reddit - LowPursuit 


Silent Hill Heaven Forums - ur-vile


Skype alternate - live:urvile_1


Skype main - urvile102


Steam - psn_the_ur_vile [user name is Low Pursuit]


The Cutting Room Floor - LowPursuit 


Theshizz.org - urvile 


Tumblr - lowpursuit.tumblr.com AND pausescreens.tumblr.com 


Twitch - LowPursuit  (alternate) or SuperLowPursuit  (main)



* @LeftTurnDanger (mostly automated to tweet online activity)

* @LowPursuit (main)

* @TheUrVile  (alternate)  


Ubisoft: LowPursuit


usenet - I barely post these days, but if you want to go back and read my old, old shit search for "ur-vile" (with quotes) at https://groups.google.com - I usually went by The Ur-Vile 


Vaughn.live - HileTroy


Vimeo - Low Pursuit - https://vimeo.com/user55378652


Watchmojo  - http://www.watchmojo.com/mywm/260290


Wikipedia - LowPursuit


Xbox - The UrVile


Yahoo Messenger - urvile102


YouNow - HileTroy


* Low Pursuit (not really using anymore) - http://tinyurl.com/y8mru7ej
* Mister Pantz (alternate) - http://tinyurl.com/y7smbzds
* Super Low Pursuit (main) - https://www.youtube.com/user/urvile102


Referral codes (note that you usually need to redeem or buy something at least one for the credit to apply)


Box Tops for Education: X1816SDC


Fetch Rewards: 89CCJ


Ibotta: dgljebv


Money App: J3RC1W


Receipt Hog: jass8667